Compact Countertop Alkaline Filter
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"Love, Love, Love my Flo's ! They make my water taste more "watery" and they seem to give me a lot more energy! Thanks for all you do!"

Elise Calhoon from Naperville, IL United States


Feel the difference in drinking alkaline water the way Mother Nature intended. Unlike water ionizer machines, our products use a natural alkaline filter process without electricity.more info

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What you'll find here are honest stories from real people. They love Vitev water and we're honored to be a part of their journey to great health. more info


If you're new to alkaline water, you may have lots of questions. No problem, we're here to help. In our FAQ area you will discover how we create alkalinity all the way to micro-clustering. more info

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Find out what Vitev alkaline water can do for you in our Health Benefits area. While every experience may be as unique as yourself, many have experienced great health improvements.more info

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