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Scale Guard

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Scale Guard Features

Why do I need the SCALE GUARD? - Hard water is the nemesis to Reverse osmosis systems. It causes premature clogging, more frequent filter replacements, higher amounts of water wasted and will turn your RO system into a headache. One solution is to add a whole-home water softener. But they can cost thousands of dollars and will require a professional to install. For many people, that's not an option they can pursue.

Which is why we developed the SCALE GUARD.

The SCALE GUARD is a mini version of large cartridges used in commercial applications where equipment problems are expensive and a huge threat to business. We've utilized a proprietary solution and made it fit conveniently under your sink. Simply splice it in to the supply line before the MAXX and enjoy all the benefits of peak performance.

When do I replace? - The SCALE GUARD is designed to be see through so you can watch the media decrease with time. When it runs out, simply twist off the canister and pop in a new one. With average use, you'll get 12 months of protection.

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