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Kangen Water vs. Alkaline Water

Many of our visitors ask what the difference is between “Kangen Water”, “Ionized Water”, “Alkaline Water” or some other variation - the answer is... they’re all the same. “Kangen water” is simply a brand that Enagic created for alkaline water, think of it like how Coke or Pepsi branded their cola. Are there minor differences? Sure. Will they all give you the same great benefits? Absolutely. (the ionizers, not the sodas)

When shopping for an ionizer, companies like Enagic are in an epic struggle to prove they can generate the highest pH and extreme -ORP values. The conclusions always point to the model they want to sell and the push to get the biggest, most powerful system available. At Vitev, we believe healthy water shouldn’t require a mortgage and the “real” key is in Nature itself. This is why our water is created using a special blend of natural minerals. No electricity, no plates, no far fetched stories (and definitely no mortgage) to justify a high price tag - we’re simply taking what Nature created and delivering it to your glass.
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pH & ORP Demonstration

While healthy minerals are just as important as pH and ORP we simply want to show you how the “natural way” actually works. Our unique natural alkaline filters are able to produce pH levels of 8.5 to 9.5 and ORP levels of up to -500. Have a look at our videos for a quick demonstration:

So now you see the same alkaline, ionized qualities in our simple, natural system. There has to be a reason Enagic is so much more expensive, right? Let's look at some other categories.

Specification Comparisons

We don't usually like these because they tend to distract and complicate matters more than they should. However, we've compiled a simple comparison of the important factors for those interested. Note: -ORP capability based on dealer produced videos

Enagic Leveluk SD501
Alkaline Water Ionizer
Vitev FLO
Reverse Osmosis Remineralization
Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water
Vitev MAXX
pH: 2.5 to 12 (requires chemical additive) 8.5-9.5 (controlled by flow rate) 9.0 - 10.0 9.0 - 10.0
ORP: -700 to +600 -150 to -300 -250 to -600 -250 to -600
Structured: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filtration: replace twice a year ($120) removes chlorine and taste Chlorine, sediment, heavy metals while alkalizing and ionizing $129 every six months (also replaces alkalizing and ionizing media) None. The RO takes care of it and will vary based on brand $249. Replace the entire cartridge every 12 months All major toxins including Fluoride, Chloramines, THMs, Pesticides and Carcinogens $199 yearly includes sediment, carbon, membrane and remineralization cartridges
Maintenance: Monthly citric acid or vinegar wash Possible problems with plates, LCDs and pumps Nothing. No moving parts or electronics to break Nothing. No moving parts or electronics to break Nothing. No moving parts or electronics to break
Size: 13" x 11" x 7" 15" x 5" x 5" 12" x 2" Plan on 1/3-1/2 of your undersink space
Flow rate: Around 1.2 – 2 L/min 1.5 L/min 2.5 L/min 2.5 L/min
Price: $3980 Starting from $199

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What Others are Saying

Evan Plews is a professional mountain biker and reigning 2011 US National Champion. He contacted us because he was searching for a way to rebuild after a few injuries and sickness and because he was having a hard time recovering from his races. He added natural alkaline water to his regimen and is off to his best start ever this 2012 season. He loved our simple approach and natural process. We love that he's winning and getting the next level in his performance.

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Will Natural Alkaline Water really work for you?

Yes, you will experience improvements in your overall health. In fact, we've found that the more unhealthy you are the quicker the water works. This isn't magic, it's simply nature. All we're providing is an affordable and easy way to access it.

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